Grow a child with us…

Grow provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary program for children birth to six years of age. We offers onsite pediatric medical/nursing services, speech, occupational, and physical therapy in an educational environment. Children with diverse abilities are nurtured and supported by well qualified staff using the most current evidence based intervention to maximize each child’s abilities.

Specialized Programs:

Our classroom curriculum is based on the Whole Language Approach covering the learning domains: Cognitive, Self-Help, Social-Emotional, Fine and Gross Motor. We have highly trained staff in several proven methods that have been successfully applied to children with diverse abilities. The Hanen Method is an approach which helps address communication barriers that many children with autism experience. Conscious Discipline is a classroom behavior management program utilizing current brain research and developmentally appropriate practices. The Picture Exchange Communication System teaches non-verbal children alternative ways to communicate needs and wants to others. PECS is a team approach that is implemented into the child’s classroom, therapy, and home environment.

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We are extremely honored that you are looking at Grow Learning Centre as a place of enrichment for your child. We invite you to call us at (501) 850-8788. Se habla espanol Email us and to schedule a tour so you can experience the magic of GLC!